Al Dawlia 21 For Producing Colored Aluminum Profiles


About us

Dawlia21 is an Egyptian company

specialized in producing colored Aluminum profiles; our colors range from ordinary to wood-effect and 3d colors, and are licensed from the recognizable Italian company “VIV”. We also have our huge share of exporting painted Aluminum outside Egypt. We exported to several African and Middle Eastern countries like: Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia, and Burkina Faso. Because our main focus is quality control, Dawlia21 is Qualicoat certified. We will continue Enhancing quality to maintain the superior level of customers’ satisfaction- inside and outside Egypt- in our production, implementing to our principal “more than customer’s satisfaction”.

Brief History

Our expertise in the field of Aluminum painting started in 1988; and extended by opening our first Metal painting Factory, Al-Dawlia for treating and painting Metals in 1994. In 2007 Dawlia21 was founded to rapidly become the leading aluminum painting company in Egypt; we currently control 40% of the market in Egypt with a total investment value exceeding the 100 million EGP.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leader in the Aluminum fabrication industry in our target markets.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to produce the best Aluminum fabricated products by consistently maintaining the highest quality and adjusting to our customers’ needs to become the pioneers of our industry in Africa and the Middle East.

Products and Services

We produce Aluminum and Metals painted using electrostatic powders. We have four different kinds of electrostatic powders: epoxy powders, epoxy polyester powders, polyester powders and decorated polyurethane powders. We offer our clients a huge variety of colors starting with ordinary colors to Wood-effect colors and our new 3D series colors. Furthermore; we have our own French Aluminum profiles, the Volcano aluminum systems. Volcano 40 –Aluminum Hinged system-, Volcano 70, Volcano 120 –Aluminum sliding systems-. VOLCANO is a firm, durable, and enduring profile which is characterized by its various shapes, sizes and competitive prices. Of course, our products are not limited; we are the only company in Egypt which offers THERMAL BREAK European Aluminum sliding system and Hinged system. THERMAL BREAK is unique for its total isolation from heat, sound and Humidity; it is totally impermeable. Moreover; Thermal break reduces energy consumption by 30%.

Additionally, THERMAL BREAK provides you with the opportunity of having a window with external color different from its internal color. Our production process starts with the treatment of the aluminum or metals in order to assure the efficiency of the paint adhesion on the metal surface and it's resistance to corrosion, & oxidation. The treatment process varies depending on the kind of treated metals. The treatment process occurs using QUALICOAT approved treatment chemicals supplied by two Hi-Tech German Companies (HENKEL GmbH & CHEMETALL GmbH).
The second stage is the metal painting. This process occurs by using Electrostatic Powders according the RAL colors & all powders are supplied from QUALICOAT awarded companies. Our powder suppliers are JOTUN, AKZO NOBEL and VIV-DECORAL.

For the wood effect colors all our film suppliers are QUALIDECO approved Italian Companies Miroglio Textiles and VIV-DECORAL. In order to guarantee offering the best quality, all our products undergo several laboratory tests to assure its resistance to several mechanical and weathering factors. These tests are divided into tests performed at AL-Dawlia laboratory in addition to tests performed at the powder suppliers.
Complying with our policy “More than customer’s satisfaction”, we offer a Guarantee to our customers for 10, 15, 25, 30 years depending on the kind of powder chosen. Customers are our main priority and our main concern that’s why we offer the finest after sale services to fulfill all customers’ needs and requirements. Of course, Customers’ complaints are highly valued.

Our work